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A Shared Approach Seeking to Uncover Opportunities


The objective of the Dividend Value strategy is to deliver investment returns that exceed the Russell 1000 Value index over a full market cycle by focusing on stocks with above-average dividend yields. We invest in the highest 40% of dividend-yielding stocks to take advantage of the attractive risk-return characteristics of this subset. A secondary consideration is the inclusion of companies that raise their dividends on a consistent basis. Finally, we employ a valuation overlay that we believe enhances total returns and aids in downside protection.


The objective of the Covered Call strategy is to provide market-like returns in rising equity markets while earning attractive returns in flat or down equity markets. We combine a portfolio of higher yielding stocks with a disciplined covered call strategy to provide a lower volatility total return solution for clients.

Our focus is on creating a well-diversified portfolio of stocks which we believe are undervalued relative to their strong and/or improving fundamentals. The addition of a tactical and flexible call overwriting strategy is designed to provide additional cash flow and reduces volatility of returns.


The objective of the Large Cap Growth Equity strategy is to help clients own a diversified portfolio of Premier Growth companies. These are businesses that possess some or all of the following characteristics:

  • High quality products or services
  • Sustainable competitive advantages
  • Large and growing total addressable markets

We seek to hold positions in these companies when doing so has the potential to generate significant long-term capital appreciation.

Strategy Facts

Dividend Value
Strategy Inception:
Russell 1000 Value
Investment Options:
Separate Account
Covered Call
Strategy Inception:
S&P 500
Investment Options:
Separate Account
Large Cap Growth
Strategy Inception:
Russell 1000 Growth
Investment Options:
Separate Account
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