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Individual investing

The April 2016 acquisition of The Killen Group (“TKG”) by Chartwell, a $11.8 billion (as of 03.31.2024) investment management firm in the market for nearly a quarter of a century, has augmented the resources and capabilities of our firm to successfully serve the needs of affluent investors.

Since the acquisition, Chartwell has obtained over 45+ years of managed account experience in creating and preserving financial wealth for clients. Our disciplined, consistent approach to managing clients’ wealth, “growth through value,” has never been more pertinent to investors seeking capital appreciation while being mindful of preserving and protecting their wealth during adverse investment climates.

We provide our clients with a diversified approach, giving specific consideration to portfolio concentration, investment goals and suitability, risk tolerance, income requirements, and specific tax situations. Since each client’s situation is unique, we also work with client advisors, trustees, attorneys, and accountants to have a full understanding of the bigger picture.

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 *Chartwell’s Individually Managed Account Program minimum is $250,000.

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