Over 20 Years of Long-Standing Relationships

Disciplined and Consistent Investments

Since its founding in 1997, Chartwell has successfully grown into a 40+ person, boutique investment management firm with approximately $11.8 billion of assets under management. Located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, Chartwell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raymond James Investment Management (a subsidiary of Raymond James Financial) since 2022.

Chartwell provides U.S. equity and fixed-income strategies accessible via Separate Accounts, CITs, and Mutual Funds.

Committed to Our Clients

Investing Driven by Conviction

We maintain a firm-wide commitment to fundamental research. Our Portfolio Managers and Analysts believe in the importance of intensive bottom-up analysis and evaluate each company on the basis of its fundamental characteristics.

Experts are Behind Every Choice We Make

Commitment and Expertise

Consistent investment performance comes from a consistent team. Similar to the companies we invest in, we believe that experienced management teams are a foundation for success. At Chartwell, our tenured Portfolio Management teams have low turnover and extensive industry experience.

Committed to Our Client's Success

Strategies and Funds

Offering active equity and fixed income strategies, our boutique investment management approach is focused on delivering consistent, risk-adjusted returns to our clients.

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